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01 | Website Design + Brand Photography

A blonde female website designer creating websites for small business in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on her laptop.

Do you NEED brand photography for your website? Not necessarily. BUT do I highly recommend it? Yes I do. Website design + brand photography = 😍.

Branding photography doesn't have to just be a bunch of pictures of you, it can include props, equipment, branded swag, etc! Michelle from Sisterhood Photography Co created a shot list with the perfect variety of "stock" photos and photos of me (posed, candid and working).

My main goal for my photoshoot was to create a library of photos to use for my website and social media posts - and Michelle absolutely delivered.

I know as service providers, there are mixed feelings about brand photos, but I promise they help your business look professional, give you endless opportunities for content, and honestly boost your own confidence.

(Can confirm brand photos make you feel really cool). Below are some of the more "stock" photos from my branding photoshoot, you can se how I've used them for my website, Pinterest and Instagram as well if you'd like!

Moral of the story - go book a branding photoshoot (Michelle is a great option), and if you want a website to make your business stand out using those photos, let's work together to make that happen! So you can feel cool too!

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