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02 | I've had HOW MANY businesses?!

A blonde female website designer creating websites for small business in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on her laptop.

First off, this outfit 👆 was so comfy and I loved the way the photos in it turned out!

And now for the rant about how Pronoia has been a game changer for me + a little bit about my business history.

This is the third business I've started (first was a pretty successful online thrift shop and the other was website design and consulting with a business partner). This is also the one I've felt most comfortable expressing myself in. While running my thrift shop, I wasn't fully in the "running a business mindset", it was more of a side hustle while I was nannying full time, so I wasn't going all in. A partnership gets tricky, and I was overly cautious keeping it an equal representation of us both - and I just never felt like an entrepreneur who owned their own business.

Now, I have a business doing what I love (which is dorky, but honestly so cool) and making the decisions solo. I've been able to express myself fully and work within my own timelines and comfort zone. I love having the option to say yes or no to a project based on my skillset so my clients receive the best work and experience possible.

I just invested in branding photography with @sisterhoodphotography and it was honestly, THE best decision. I also just worked with @renvirtualassistance to automate my client experience from inquiry to our handoff call, to make working with me as simple and smooth as possible for you! The response has been so positive so far from clients, I'm so happy!

Having this business has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I've made so many "instagram friends" and even met a lot of them in person! Thank you to all of you following along, I will make it worth your while!

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