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A website designer's hands on a keyboard, creating a therapy website in Guelph Ontario

Custom websites with search engine optimization for female entrepreneurs

that are low maintenance, easy to navigate and full of your brand's personality! Pronoia Designs is based in Mississauga, but with the help of the internet, I work with businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton Region, Halton Region, Waterloo Region and all over Canada!

“Working with Jacquie was a dream, I needed some help with my new website SEO and she crushed it! She also did everything efficiently and explained to me the changes I needed to make to improve my SEO scores!" - Kayla
A website designer throwing confetti for brand photography in Toronto Ontario

Canadian Therapists! 👋 

So you're leaving that group practice to start your own private practice - but now what?


For you folks who know what you're looking for and don't want to scroll (I get it), click below to get to where you're headed!

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A website designer in an orange blazer smiling about a therapy website in Toronto Ontario

Hi! I'm Jacquie - the Founder and Website Designer here at Pronoia Designs.

If you like fun facts or just want to know more about who you'll be working with, click below!

A website designer's hands on a keyboard, creating a therapy website in Toronto Ontario

Do you need a copywriter or a brand photographer before we get started on your website?

Let me help you make your decision for a photographer and copywriter, so we can have quality content to use in your website design!

Are you...

An orange blazer, green shirt and black sweatshirt hanging on a rack at a photoshoot for a female website designer in Canada


Please have a read through the Frequently Asked Questions section on the contact page, before emailing, for the quickest response. If your question isn't answered there though, please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form over there, or email me!

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