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A website designer in an orange pantsuit, planning a therapy website in Toronto Ontario

Hi! I'm Jacquie!

I'm the founder, website designer and search engine optimization specialist at Pronoia Designs! I bring passion and expertise to every project I work on - big or small and am committed to creating personalized online experiences that resonate with you and your clients.


Close up of an arm with a tatoo of the word pronoia, representing Pronoia Designs, a website designer for therapists in Barrie Ontario Canada
A website designer wearing green, thinking about therapy websites in Oakville Ontario

Now it's time for me to introduce myself I guess! I'm Jacquie (she/her) and writing my own bio is always difficult for me, simply because I feel awkward talking about myself. BUT I've noticed this is a common trend amongst previous clients as well, so I know I'm not alone!

Now onto the more boring stuff. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), majoring in Sociology and minoring in Family and Child Studies.


To be honest, I've always had a lot of anxiety around school itself, however I do love to learn new things and am constantly asking Google random questions. Since graduating university in 2016, I have continued my learning in a variety of topics such as child development, ASL, psychology, business studies, criminology, graphic design, marketing and of course, website design.

So, what do I do?

I create personalized online experiences that resonate with small businesses and their audiences through custom, low maintenance website design and search engine optimization. I help business owners feel confident about their brand identity and online presence through website design because I truly care.


Website design started out as a task at one of my previous jobs that I said yes to but had no idea what I was doing. I designed and managed the website as well as multiple Instagram profiles. I came into website design by saying 'yes' to a challenge (because I can't say no), and it's turned into something I find both exciting and calming. Alongside that, working in mental health private practice allowed me to recognize the pieces small businesses (especially therapists with private practices) need in their website and online presence. It also really showed me how important client experience and accessibility are.
My learning has been a personal, dedicated effort to make sure my clients' websites are fully functional, eye-catching, user-friendly, optimized, unique and mobile-friendly. And when I get interested in a topic and enjoy it, I really dive in and give it my all. Every day, I'm searching for new ways to do my best work for my clients.

Note: Most of my previous website design and search engine optimization work was done through Zazen Consulting Services (a business I co-founded, but have since moved on from) and can be viewed on my portfolio page.

An orange blazer, green shirt and black sweatshirt hanging on a rack at a photoshoot for a female website designer in Orillia Ontario Canada

If you're still here, you must at least be curious...

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